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Got her right where I want her April 29, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — britannydempsey @ 7:37 pm
Last night I was trying to get Alice to finish her dinner.  I was telling her to hurry up so we could go upstairs and fold clothes on my bed.  She got really excited and asked if she could fold washcloths.  "Only if you finish all you dinner.  Plus, maybe you can do some shirts."  To this, she lighted up and started shoveling it in.  Man, I know someday soon she will figure out that folding clothes is actually a chore!  Until then, I will enjoy it.

2 Responses to “Got her right where I want her”

  1. Jon Says:

    Ha!! Too funny. Maybe I will try this one. If a chore involves a sponge my kids are ecstatic. I am not.

  2. bridgette Says:

    Too funny!  Owen\’s favorite thing is destroying neatly-folded piles of laundry and jumping in them.  Wanna switch?

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