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Camping and Casinos September 16, 2008

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Jake took Alice camping this past weekend.  They headed to his old stomping ground, Birch Bay.  They packed everything into the car and ventured out Friday afternoon.  Jake insisted on taking the large tent, even though it was just the two of them.  I guess someone has to break it in.  I was glad to be at home since camping with a sick baby didn’t sound all that appealing to me.  Alice and Jake had a great time.  They roasted hot-dogs and marshmallows, ate popcorn, and made pancakes, eggs, and sausage for breakfast.  On Saturday they spent most of their time walking on the tide flats.  They found tons of shells and sand dollars–plus, Alice found a small starfish.  They drove up to the Peace Arch at the border and walked around a little.  They were pretty beat when they got home.  I think this is the beginning of a wonderful tradition.  Jake needs to do some "Daddy-Daughter" trips.  As were were discussing this, we told Alice that when she and Roxie get older they can go on different outdoor adventures.  She piped up and said, "Ya!  And I can go to the #1 Place for Fun when I get older too!"
Tulalip Casino: you are doing a heck of a job advertising.  Whenever your commercials come on tv, our daughter dances around the house.  I just watched that commercial on youtube and can’t stop giggling!  I guess I never really paid attention to it or maybe I am just really tired…

One Response to “Camping and Casinos”

  1. Nicole Says:

    I just watched the commercials and I\’m there with ya Brit.  I couldn\’t stop laughing.  Tegon even couldn\’t take his eyes off the screen!  Can we say cheesy?

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