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Ooooooo, Shiny! September 17, 2008

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I think I have owned my piano for a couple of years now, and never took the time to "fix it up".  It is an old one that I am in love with since it is the same kind my piano teacher owned–very nostalgic for me.  A friend of mine, who recently acquired an older piano, gave me a tip on a wood restoration product that works great.  It did just that for my old piano.  I love before and after pictures, but didn’t remember to take any until I was already at least halfway finished with the project.  At least I have some, and the piano looks great!  Now all I need to do is get my floors finished and then I can get it tuned.  It doesn’t sound too bad and luckily, I grew up playing the most out of tune piano in the world (no offense mom and dad).  
A miracle happened today.  I went to get Roxie out of her crib this morning and her hair was laying flat!  Yes, flat!  I think she had been sleeping against the side of her crib.  It hasn’t even sprung back up today.  Maybe I will make her sleep with some kind of hat on to make her hair lay down.  Also, her second tooth has popped through today.
We were driving the other day and Alice yells, "Mom, look!  There’s a conifer!"  Huh?  I don’t think I knew what a conifer was until 6th grade or something.  Come to find out, she picked it up from the They Might Be Giants CD/DVD (Here come the ABCs: C is for Conifer).  We have two of their kid CD/DVDs and Alice loves them–and I don’t mind them either. 

4 Responses to “Ooooooo, Shiny!”

  1. bridgette Says:

    I don\’t know what\’s more amazing…the piano or the hair!  Seriously, the piano looks amazing; brand new!  And I secretly hope little Roxie\’s hair springs back up.  You just can\’t bottle up that kind of \’do!

  2. Jon Says:

    I might have to try that piano stuff! Does that mean I have to tune my piano also? I love those pictures of Roxie and Alice. Sisters!

  3. Breck Says:

    Parker and Makenna LOVE that CD.  Parker could say his ABC\’s backwards because of that song on there when he was 3.

  4. Donya Says:

    Holy smokes your piano looks awesome!  Seriously amazing!  And Roxie\’s hair?  It is a true testament of modern miracles.  Although hair is known to be a fickle thing so don\’t get your hopes up too much, it just might spring back up.   

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