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The Next Day September 23, 2008

Filed under: Uncategorized — britannydempsey @ 10:33 am
Anyone interested in finding out what happened to Roxie’s hair? 
It was too good to be true.
A side note:  I turned on my furnace today.  It can’t be this time of year already!  I have been freezing lately…

4 Responses to “The Next Day”

  1. Jon Says:

    It was freezing today! I made the kids play outside (alone…I wasn\’t going to face the elements out there with them!)
    Roxie\’s hair: hairspray?  hat?  I actually love it just like that!

  2. Trisha Says:

    I too love Roxie\’s hair.  It gives her alot of personality.

  3. brett Says:

    Wow the mohawk is a really good look. I thought my hair stood up…. Roxie has me beat.

  4. Kay Says:

    so, did I miss something, did she stick her finger in a light socket?  i hope not!  still as cute as ever!

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