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Swimming Lessons December 3, 2008

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Last week Alice had another round of swimming lessons (who can pass up 4 lessons for $20?).  There was only one other girl in her class she got lots of practice time.  The first day we showed up, her classmate was sporting some goggles.  We just had to get some too.  I figured it would be easier to pay attention to breathing and swimming if she wasn’t always wiping her eyes.  I was right.  The next lesson she was putting her face in the water every free moment in class and was swimming on her own (well, in the shallow end).  She didn’t want lessons to end–I guess I will need to take her swimming now.  Checkout the link to watch her swim for the first time–the gasping/choking is priceless.  Who hasn’t swallowed a bunch of pool water?

One Response to “Swimming Lessons”

  1. Jon Says:

    Where do you take swimming lessons at?

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