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Big sister, little sister June 2, 2009

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I did it.  I made matching skirts for the girls using this tutorial.  Thank heavens for tutorials, you know?  I can’t think these things up on my own.  I came across a couple more tutorials so more skirts are in the works.  A word to the wise for anyone thinking about sewing one of these up–they ended up longer than I had originally measured for.  I had wanted them to be knee length, but they ended up a little longer–more like hippy-style.  Since it would take some work to shorten them, they will stay as-is for now. 

4 Responses to “Big sister, little sister”

  1. Unknown Says:

    Soooo cute! Since they are long, the girls can wear them even longer! We buy Belle\’s skirts and dresses long so that she can wear them longer. She is still wearing her Easter dress from last year. Last year it was like mid-calf length, and this year it\’s about knee length… almost getting too short. But what a way to save on shopping! Maybe after we get settled I\’ll have to try my hand at sewing skirts, too. :)~Christine

  2. Lisa Says:

    These are SO cute!! You continue to impress me!

  3. Jon Says:

    I love love love those skirts! I bought some bandanas today to do the bandana skirt. Here is the link for that skirt with the ribbon hem:

  4. Donya Says:

    Super Darling…great job! I love your craftiness, you\’re amazing. 🙂

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