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Sleepovers August 25, 2009

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Recently Alice was able to have sleepovers with each of her grandparents.  First she stayed with Grandma and Grandpa Hodson (and cousins Jack, Piper, and Will).  They packed some serious fun into 24 hours.  The festivities included crafts, visiting the Jim Henson exhibit at the EMP, roasting hot dogs, watching movies, and painting her very own toy boat that she sailed down a stream.  She had an amazing time–didn’t want to leave!  Unfortunately, I don’t have any pictures…
A few days later, we all went up to Mt. Vernon for a family reunion.  Grandma Dempsey spent some quality time with Alice and her cousins Zack (I found out is Zachery, but goes by Zack), Gwen, and Tasha.  They stayed overnight in a cabin, walked by the river, swam in the pool, headed to Birch Bay for camping the next night, played chubby bunny, and combed the beach.  She loved it!  We missed her a lot.  Well, at least Jake and I did.  Roxie had no problem getting all the attention for once.  Alice came home exhausted from trying to keep up with her older cousins.  Both sleepovers left her with some great memories that I’m sure she will not soon forget.

One Response to “Sleepovers”

  1. Jon Says:

    So fun to have all the cousins close by!

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