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Halloween November 2, 2009

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After changing her mind day after day, Alice finally settled on dressing up as Alice in Wonderland for Halloween.  Roxie was left using whatever fit her in the Halloween costume box.  Luckily the bee costume looked pretty cute on her.  We had a good time at the ward harvest party.  The kids played games, won prizes/treats, went on a hayride, ate chili, and trunk-or-treated.  After that, we came back to our neighborhood to trick-or-treat.  Roxie thought this was very cool.  She fought her way past the big kids to the front door while shouting, "Tri-tree!  Tri-tree!"  More often than not, the person at the door would let the kids choose their own candy.  At first, Roxie would take one and move on to the next house–that is, until people started telling the kids to take a few.  Roxie would shove them in her candy bag as fast as she could–making sure she said, "Tanks" after each one.  After going around the block, we dropped her off back at home–she was a little too greedy.  Alice and her cousins went around the rest of the neighborhood.  When they had acquired enough candy (well, can you ever really have "enough"?), we all went over to Ben and Shannon’s.  Ben had prepared a bunch of spooky treats for us to munch on.  We hung out with friends and family until we could barely stay awake (9pm) and headed home.  Thank goodness for the extra hour of sleep!

One Response to “Halloween”

  1. Jon Says:

    Lindsay picked up on the Trick or treating really quickly too! I loved Alice\’s costume…did you make it?!

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