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Adventures with Alice May 13, 2010

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Last week one of Alice’s front teeth was sooo loose.  Jake couldn’t resist helping Alice get it out.  He told her that if she could get it out before bed that night, that he would talk to the tooth fairy and see if she could get $5 instead of the usual $1 for the pearly white.  Alice sort of agreed.  After wiggling it for some time, Jake got impatient.  He asked Alice to bring him some floss.  He tied the floss in a knot at the root of her tooth.  Unless she pulled the tooth out, she would have floss hanging from her mouth.  Jake asked her if he could just tug on it one time to see what would happen.  At this point, Alice was NOT having fun.  Jake, on the otherhand, was laughing to death (cruel, I know–not saying it wasn’t a little bit funny though.  Plus, I was the one taking the pictures, not helping Alice escape).  One tug and that sucker was out of there!  Alice cried and cried, but eventually cheered up with the thought that she would be $5 richer the next day.  She can even whistle much louder without that front tooth.  She sounds funny when she talks though. 
The past weekend, Alice was feeling pretty cruddy.  After a late night trip to the ER, it was discovered that she had pneumonia.  She has been home from school all week and should be able to head back on Monday.  In the last 4 weeks, she has only been to school one of those weeks.  Talk about crazy (more on the vacation later)! 
Today we ventured out of the house to her dance class.  She got her recital costume and bun class today.  The teacher’s method worked like magic and somehow we were able to get her short hair into a bun.  The recital will be adorable!

One Response to “Adventures with Alice”

  1. Jon Says:

    Love Alice\’s face and toothless smile. Our ballet teacher didn\’t teach us the bun…we might need lessons from you.

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