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Birthday Fail–or was it? February 10, 2011

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Last Sunday it was my birthday–#32.  As much as I tell people it that I don’t really care about birthdays, I secretly do.  Jake was out of town all weekend so I was home with the kids.  I would’ve have complained about it on facebook, but I don’t really like announcing that I am home alone, ya know?  Not the safest thing.  So, I pretended like it wasn’t a big deal that I wouldn’t be celebrating my birthday.  As the day wore on, it got worse.  My kids didn’t even remember–or care that much.  My husband didn’t call to wish me happy birthday.  Finally I complained to Alice about this.  She half-heartedly listened to my whining as she watched a movie.  Before I realized it, she had disappeared.  Later she came down with a handmade card and gift.  She had made me a folder to put my receipts in (because I am always leaving piles around).  As small a gift as it was, I LOVED it.  The fact that she was so thoughtful made all the difference.  My husband finally called and wished me a happy birthday and promised we would celebrate this week.  The kids and I planned to have french toast for dinner.  Instead, Alice announced she would me dinner.  I was scared by this, but tried to be a good mom and appreciate the thought.  She and Roxie went to work.  I briefly peeked in the kitchen and saw them making “juice” by pouring caramel apple dip and jello into a pitcher.  Finally it was ready and I came in to find a sandwich filled with jelly and caramel apple dip.  Mmmm…however, there was only one sandwich.  I thought she was going to make dinner for all of us.  When I asked what she was going to eat for dinner, she said, “Well, you are going to make us french toast.”  So, while I made dinner, Roxie ate my sandwich.  Gee, thanks.  After eating some french toast, I made myself some birthday cookies (Are you sick of my complaining yet?  Do you hear the violin playing in the background?  I’m almost done).  My in-laws called and sang to me.  Then some good friends dropped by with some cookies.  Tons of friends wished me a happy birthday on fb.  By then, it was time to pick up Jake from the airport.  The next day there was no talk of birthday celebrations.  And the day after that was uneventful–that is, until I arrived home from my church activity at 9:30.  I walked in only to find a very large object covered with blankets.  This little beauty was beneath the covering:They got me a freaking bike for my birthday!  I couldn’t stop laughing because it was so not something I had ever in my wildest dreams even thought I would ever get for a birthday.  I mean, a cookbook–yes.  A kitchen gadget–yes.  Jewelry–maybe.  Candy–definitely.  It wasn’t even on the radar.  The best part about it was the price–it was like 90% off.  What?  Ya, I don’t get it either.  But, I hope to be able to get some use out of it.  I think I will take it out today.


2 Responses to “Birthday Fail–or was it?”

  1. Sorry your birthday didn’t go as well as it could’ve. I’m glad it seemed to turn out better than you thought in the end. Your SIL (me) was too consumed with herself to do anything about it either, and she’s (that’s me) sorry for bailing on your special day. She (I) wants you to know you can do the same to her on her birthday so you’ll both (that’s us) be square 🙂 P.S. She hopes that giving you a shout out on her blog ( was a consolation, at least 🙂 XoxO

  2. AJ Says:

    Did we miss your birthday? My head is a mess and I have not been to a GNO in a long time. We should do one for your very late birthday. Cool bike btw.

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