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Belated Birthday March 4, 2012

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Oh geesh, Roxie turned 4 at the end of January!  I still can’t quite believe that.  Roxie is basically the funniest kids I know.  She is always making us laugh by something she does or says.  She is also one of the most persistent kids I know–which will be a good thing way down the road.  For her birthday she went with her grandma to Build a Bear.  She came home with a pink tie-died bear with a Tinkerbell costume, silver high-heeled shoes, complete with flowery panties.  She is VERY girly.  Oh, did I forget to mention the Chipmunks voicebox inside that sings (or Chickmunks, as she calls them)?  She is also super silly.  Luckily for Grandma, she is very decisive so she didn’t take long in the store.  She knows just what she wants.  The one thing she had been asking for everyday since Christmas was the Pop the Pig game.  Roxie was thrilled to get it for her birthday.  We love Roxie and are so happy to have her in our family!


One Response to “Belated Birthday”

  1. Brenda Hodson Says:

    That cake is beautiful! Love that little girl!

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